Monday June 18, 2018

Next Media Opens Office in NY

Logo of NEXTmedia (See article in Chinese Wiki...

Next Media, a Hong Kong media company that broadcasts and creates animated “news cartoons” based on big news stories from around the world (usually causing a viral stir online e.g. the Penn State scandal), has opened up an office in NY for a new NY news focused site called Big Apple Daily.
According to The New York Times, the site’s mission is to provide “a crisp, new perspective to your local news.”


Headed by media mogul Jimmy Lai, Big Apple Daily, like its Hong Kong/Taiwan parent company, conveys a more tangible-literal aspect of the news through its animations The Times details that once they pick the stories they want to animate (usually from crime reports from  the New York Police Department’s, local news tabloids and sites such as Gothamist.com)  a script is written, narration recorded and the three-hour long animation process begins.


The site, however, has run into some problems in NY with complaints of visual inaccuracy because animators in Taiwan are unfamiliar with the NY area and culture.