Friday December 14, 2018

Will Technology Change the Lives of New Yorkers Come 2050?

POTD 02/7/07 - Future city

Image by sparktography via Flickr

With an ever changing media and technology climate, it can be difficult to determine what the future has in store. This hasn’t stopped Dr. Ulrich Eberl, author of “Life in 2050,” from trying.  According to Metro, Dr. Eberl, who is also the director of innovation communications at Siemens, has reason to believe that by 2050 the lives of NYers will be drastically different.

Eberl envisions a NY that has thousands of surveillance cameras on skyscrapers that will be monitored by mini-robots and cars that communicate with traffic lights, signs and other cars. Eberl also tells Metro that residents might not need to commute to work at all,  as many will telework  from “apartments smart enough to recognize weather or even faces.”