Friday May 24, 2019

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Jets Parking Lot L7 Trending on Twitter, Thanks to JetsTwit.com

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Parking lot L7 has become the meeting ground for Jets fans to congregate, wave banners and flags, barbecue, and support their favorite team. What began as just a conversation amongst fans via the social media platform Twitter, has ostensibly turned into a group of 60+ fans getting together and sharing connections. As many as 120 fans met before the Patriots game a few weeks ago to work themselves into a frenzy before heading into MetLife Stadium, according to Metro NY. And they keep coming back in masses.

“What’s expanded from social media is now a group, is now a family,” Erik Manassy, founder of JetsTwit.com, told Metro. “I can’t imagine not tailgating like this. I love these people.”

A few days prior to the Jets home game, the fans who make up the tailgate will tweet each other about their plans, what food they’re bringing and when they expect to arrive at their coveted L7. It goes down like clockwork, always with the hashtag of #L7 or #L7Tailgate, Metro notes.