Sunday May 20, 2018

NY Toddler/Infant Web Retailer Hopes to Compete With Major Sites

Recently The New York Times took a look at how NY-based toddler and infant retailer website, Little Dudes and Divas, did its research in order to keep up with big powerhouses such as Babies “R” Us and Diapers.com. Besides intense and personal customer attention, such as answering each e-mail and talking to consumers on the phone, the site taps into their¬†Google¬†Analytics data for help constantly. The reports helps the married owners, Steve and Susan Karasanti, understand page clicks, why consumers abandon their cart, or page errors on the site.

The two have put focus into e-mail marketing by getting the word out about sales and promotions and have researched heavily into search engine optimization. They also have active Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media accounts to gain customer feedback.

The New York Times