Thursday April 19, 2018

Why Cornell Won and Stanford Lost, Another Perspective on NY’s New Applied Science Campus

Wired talked to Charlie Kim, CEO of NextJump, who was on the mayor’s committee to select the science and technology campus for NY. Kim said that Stanford University was inherently conflicted from day one. While the proposal it brought was strong, the California school could have faced trouble at home if its east coast school did make NY into the best in the world high tech hub Mayor Bloomberg wanted it to be. If Silicon Alley was number 1, Silicon Valley would have to be number 2, the article said.

According to Wired, when committee members reached beyond university honchos to speak to faculty and student body of the different universities, “Cornell University’s hunger for the project, its humility…and its clear, unconflicted commitment to the project” stood out, unlike Stanford, which remained conflicted, the article implied. Nevertheless, “the VCs and CEOs on the committee were struck by Stanford’s die-hard loyalty to entrepreneurs and their needs.”