Tuesday June 19, 2018

NY Docs Increasingly Use Mobile Apps

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Image via CrunchBase

Crain’s New York Business recently published a list of mobile apps often used by physicians and other care givers at local hospitals. Many applications are helping NY doctors make bedside decisions. When an HIV patient who is already taking multiple medications walks into Beth Israel’s ER, for example, doctors can use Epocrates to check potential drug interactions. Dr. Jonathan Austrian of NYU Langone Medical Center calls up Diagosaurus on his iPhone if he is puzzled by a symptom.

NY doctors who are wired are pushing for more use of devices, and hospitals are scrambling to upgrade systems and networks to accommodate increased traffic. The Greater New York Hospital Association last year launched Happtique, a health care app store for hospitals.

Crain’s New York Business

  • I think the healthcare related apps are a great idea(most other industry’s get to have an app, why not Dr.’s), but I really hope a Dr. who is stumped isn’t just going to google or bing the symptoms!