Friday December 14, 2018

Rose Planetarium Turns into a Video Game this Thursday

Rose Center Planetarium

Image by Ed Gaillard via Flickr

For one night only, the Rose Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History will be transformed into a setting for a live multi-player video game, Space Cruiser.

The museum is partnering with Babycastles, a D.I.Y. video arcade collective, for an  event this Thursday night, when aout 200 players will form a cooperative mission-based game navigating around a fictional universe set in the planetarium. The team will pilot a spacecraft through treacherous asteroid belts.

Syed Salahuddin, co-founder of Babycastles, told the Observer that the crew is unassigned and spread out over the theatre. They will be guided by an on-board computer system voiced by Stephin Merritt, of theband the Magnetic Fields.

The $75 admission includes an open bar, indie video games and a live performance of the band One Ring Zero.

The New York Observer