Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Schumer to AT&T: Adopt Tech to Stop Cell Phone Theft

Sen. Chuck Schumer

The steep increase in the theft of iPhones in NY has caused Senator Chuck Schumer to send a letter to AT&T urging the company to adopt technology that permanently disables phones after they’ve been stolen. Considering that almost half of all property thefts in the city are related to cell phones, Schumer also wants AT&T to bring the NYPD to the table at an upcoming industry meeting to discuss security and fraud considerations.

Right now, when AT&T iPhones are stolen, the SIM card can be disabled. However, a thief can just replace the card and resell the phone. Schumer wants AT&T to adopt a technology that deactivates a stolen phone based on its unique identifier. This technology would make grabbing the phones less profitable for thieves.

Moreover, according to Runnin’ Scared, Schumer’s letter also requested that AT&T invite the NYPD to meet with them to discuss cell phone theft issues at the Global System for Mobile Communications Association’s North America Committee on Security and Fraud, a meeting taking place next week where AT&T is the chair.

Runnin’ Scared