Monday July 15, 2019

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#SIIA – The Obvious, The Disputed and The Fascinating

Mark Anderson predicts technology trends for 2012. (Photo Credit: John Blossom)

By Lauren Keyson

The 11th annual Software and Information Industry Summit was held this week at Pier 60 in NY.  Hundreds of senior content and publishing executives gathered to discuss strategic collaboration trends and the evolving relationships between partners, customers and suppliers.   Attendees included people from the B2B publishing industry and professional service firms that support the industry and large companies like LexusNexis, ThompsonReuters and Dow Jones.

On opening day Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service, a prognosticator known for his accurate forecasts of shifts in the economic landscape and the direction of technology, presented his top 10 predictions for 2012. Some of them were obvious (see number 10 below about Amazon) while others (like number 4 about IP) were disputed – one blogger said that the story of the way of IP, “is not like Mark would have it be,” but all together they made up a fascinating vision of tech in the New Year.

Anderson’s List:

1. Television becomes the center of the tech universe as Apple, Microsoft and Google work to provide a new focus for consumer tech.

2. There will be shifts in Asia’s phone markets as Nokia fails to impact, Samsung grows and Google loses technology control of Android.

3. Clouds are used mostly by consumers; enterprises stay away.

4. Real IP has to go big or go home as Protection efforts rise dramatically.

5. Siri will stun the world.

6. Talking to machines will become second nature.

7. E-readers will dominate Amazon’s growth.

8. New phones and new self-publishing models will become huge for consumers.

9. Global understanding of IP is re-evaluated   for its global strategic value.

10. Amazon wins in retailing, publishing and platforms.

Another summit highlight came at the end of the day when attendees voted which one of six content and content-technology companies present deemed “innovative and content enabling” would be named the “Most Likely to Succeed.”  The chosen:

  • BestVendor is a free online resource that helps professionals quickly find the best work apps based on the recommendations of people like them. The company’s vision is to provide a Yelp-like “social discovery” resource for all business products, starting with web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • Crowd Fusion, the “publish everywhere” platform, helps publishers deliver new products across multiple platforms and devices. Its platform is plugin-based and cloud-hosted.
  • First Stop Health is a 2.0 patient-focused health concierge service for insured middle class consumers sold exclusively online and directly to consumers. It provides solutions to minor and major, urgent and chronic, health issues by using an integrated technology platform to deliver a package of health services.
  • Narrative Science transforms data into stories and insights. Their proprietary artificial intelligence authoring system produces reports, articles, and summaries that are automatically created from structured data sources.
  • The Praetorian Group is an online media company in the public safety market, providing resources and information that helps first responders protect their communities.
  • Reportlinker is professional search engine that finds market research reports published by thousands of private and public organizations like governments, embassies and statistics agencies.

Jeff Giesea’s BestVendor won the prize. It seemed fait accompli as attendees mingling around the room at the end of the day talked about his company with glowing admiration. His company is based in Soho.