Monday May 21, 2018

NY Tech Meetup’s Westheimer Sets New Startup

Image representing Nate Westheimer as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

Nate Westheimer, executive director of the New York Tech Meetup, now has a new venture called PictureLife. The new startup, co-founded with Charles Forman of Omgpop and Jacob DeHart, of Threadless, is an online photo-storage and synching service. The company has raised $600,000.

Westheimer has been the face of the New York Tech Meetup for the past four years. The Meetup is central to Silicon Alley industry and has about 21,000 members. It launched Fourquare and Tumblr and recently arranged a massive protest against the PIPA and SOPA bills.

Westheimer recently taught himself how to code. He told VentureBeat, “I’m excited to put my newfound programming prowess to work and get back in the game as a full time entrepreneur.” He declined to say who funded the project.

VentureBeat reports that a local angel investor described it as a “picture aggregator and Flickr killer.” It’s designed to keep user’s photos across computers, phones, camera synced and stored securely. It will officially launch in about a month.


  • Definitely not stepping down from NY Tech Meetup. Would you mind correcting that statement above?

    As the Venture Beat article states, Picturelife is my fulltime occupation but my involvement in NY Tech Meetup is not slowing down from where it’s been since we hired Jessica Lawrence last year.

    • NYConvergence

      Thanks for the comment Nate. Actually we have already made the edits to the post. Sorry about any prior inaccuracies.