Tuesday July 23, 2019

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Angry Knicks Fan Win Rebate From Time Warner Cable #Linsanity

Time Warner Cable subscriber Marc Zwerdling got a $5.20 credit from the cable giant and on Twitter urged others to do the same.  Zwerdling, a NYer who is angry about missing Knicks games, chatted online with a TWC rep. He offered Zwerdling a free Sports Pass to compensate for missing the New Year’s Day Knicks game because MSG went off the air.

Zwerdling told the rep that he already has a Sports Pass because he subscribes to TW’s HDxtra and told the rep he was being double-charged. He demanded to speak to a supervisor. The New York Post reported that, after 59 comments, the rep finally relented. Zwerdling convinced the supervisor to issue a $2.60 credit for January and February. Then he tweeted his victory, telling his followers, “Just received $5.20 from Time Warner Cable for no MSG Networks. Everybody do this, ask for a supervisor.”

The Post reported that a Time Warner Cable spokeswoman said they haven’t offered a rebate connected to the blackout, but they do offer credits on a case-by-case basis.

New York Post