Monday June 17, 2019

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City Announces Official Social Media Pages #SMWNY

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

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In a speech at Tumblr’s  headquarters yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city would streamline efforts with four new central channels on Facebook and Twitter–as well as NY-based Tumblr and Foursquare–all under NYCGov. The Mayor said that in era where so many people get their news from social media, these channels would allow residents to get information in a way they want to get it.

These four new channels are in addition to the 200 channels existing city social medial channels. BetaBeat observed that the city’s press release didn’t have the new channel links embedded and that city agency’s use of social media was anything but uniform. The Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene has five Facebook pages, three Tumblrs and two Twitter accounts while the city’s Dept. of Homeless Services does not have a Foursquare option.

Rachel Sterne, NY’s chief digital officer, said that the city is going to go above and beyond in taking advantage of what local talent like Bitly, Buddy Media and others have to offer NYers.

The New York Observer