Friday May 24, 2019

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Forget About Watching the #Giants Online, #SuperBowl Action is Made for TV, Says Bleacher Report

Tom Brady takes the snap during Super Bowl XXX...

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According to Bleacher Report, it’s not worth watching the Super Bowl on a laptop, let alone a mobile device. People watching on small screens will be able to see commercials, but will miss out on the game.

The game is about the action between Tom Brady and Eli Manning, the defense of Jason Pierre-Paul and the spin moves of Wes Welker. There’s also the atmosphere of the stadium and the highlight reels.

But according to Bleacher Reporter, viewers watching via the Internet won’t see it. Computers can’t keep up with the action and will buffer. All of their neighbors will be cheering while Internet viewers are wondering what they just missed.

Bleacher Report

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