Wednesday June 20, 2018

J&R Opens Kids’ Tech Store Downtown

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

On Saturday J&R Jr. will open its doors to small shoppers. The latest version of famed J&R electronics store downtown, the new store is a 15,000 square foot space located on the second floor of their 1 Park Row flagship store.

The grand opening will include a weekend long “Kidstravaganza” with free concerts by kid’s bands Laurie Berkner, Dirty Socks and Dan Zanes, as the store will sell games, toys, and necessities for babies and parents. There is an event space for birthday parties, concerts and parenting classes.

Jason Friedman, executive vice president of J&R says the inspiration for the store was his five-year old daughter. He told Metro, “She runs through the aisles and lets me know what she likes and doesn’t.” Friedman is the son of the original owners, Joe and Rachel Friedman, who opened the store in 1971.