Thursday June 21, 2018

Small Changes in AdWords Strategy Reaps Big Rewards for Laptop MD+

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Alexandre Mouravskiy, the chief marketing officer of NY firm Laptop MD+,  a company fixes a variety of electronics, changed the firm’s approach using to Google’s AdWords and saw a big improvement. They spend a little more than $100,000 annually and says that money comes back three or four times over in the form of new business.

Mouravskiy tells Crain’s New York Business in a Q&A that AdWords has great research tools, as it reveals the exact phrases customers use when searching for services and what they prefer for purchasing decisions.  He says that if they have new ideas to try out, they get good data back right away, and that’s it’s also good for branding. Even if customers don’t click on the ads, he says they still see the name, possibly hundreds of times a month.

Crain’s New York Business