Tuesday June 19, 2018

BlogFrog Leaps to NY

English: BlogFrog Logo

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BlogFrog, a Colorado-based community-building network aimed at mom bloggers, is opening an office in New York with the $3.2 million it received from a Series A funding round led by Grotech Ventures. It is a small company with 21 employees, but over 100,000 members in their network, 75,000 of which are professional female bloggers.

According to Pandodaily, BlogFrog offers bloggers the chance to embed communities into their sites, allowing the user to have more intimate interaction and engagements through the interface. In addition, the company in working on creating sponsored conversations and communities. In other words, rather than ads actually being displayed on the screen, companies will be able to advertise within the content itself. Co-founder Rustin Banks believes this is the future of marketing.

Banks also plans on targeting the men’s market next year.