Monday June 18, 2018

Will The Daily Revitalize NYPost.com?

The Daily

The Daily (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

According to Capital New York, Jesse Angelo, editor-in-chief of News Corp’s “tablet tabloid” The Daily, is anticipated to become “more involved” in the direction of nypost.com, which has long trailed the website of rival tabloid the Daily News in user-friendliness and page-views.

“They want Jesse to steer the Post‘s digital strategy,” a source familiar with the inner workings of the paper told Capital.  “They’ve been grooming him for a long time and they trust him more and more to do things,” someone whom has worked with Angelo in the past added.

Fundamental to launching New York Post‘s iPad edition, which last year, along with The Daily, made Apple’s list of the top 10 grossing apps of 2011, Angelo has been bringing his skill and knowledge from The Daily to the Post’s digital properties since the onset.

While the Post website is following a similar method to The Daily, publishing a daily edition once, then updates as editors see fit throughout the day. That is, The Daily app reads much like a daily print newspaper; as does the New York Post app. But newyorkpost.com isn’t winning with that strategy, Capital maintains.

The remaining question is  whether Angelo is the one to finally turn the Post‘s web operation around.

Capital New York