Monday June 17, 2019

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Cornell’s New Dean Proudly Flys Geek Flag

Daniel Huttenlocher is a geek and he’s proud of it. The newly appointed dean of the Cornell-Technion applied science campus in NY  said that if being a geek means being deeply expert in something you’re passionate about, “I’m afraid I have to own that label,” he told Crain’s New York Business.

He described the new school as “a startup inside a university in partnership with government.” Startups have to be nimble, he said, but since governments and universities aren’t, a creative tension will exist between all three players. Huttenlocher views that as a plus because great things come from attempting to achieve multiple solutions at once.

Some of Huttenlocher’s own research centers on computer vision. He said that 25 years ago, nothing in that field worked. But now cameras automatically focus on faces and even recognize who people are. “Computer vision offers real potential to completely change the way we interact with computers in the next few years,” he told Crain’s.

Crain’s New York Business (subscription required)