Saturday April 20, 2019

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Cuomo Launches Interactive Map of School District Teacher Evaluations

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An interactive map has just been launched by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on http://www.nystudentsfirst.com. The tool maps out all of the state’s 696 school districts and allows users to view whether or not each individual school submitted their teacher evaluation systems. The plans, which are supposed to provide a blueprint for each schools teacher rating system, are due by January 16, 2013. If schools fail to submit the plans, they will risk losing state funding. Furthermore, upon submission, plans must be approved by the education commissioner and local unions.

According to The New York Times, no schools have submitted the plans yet, however approximately 100 districts are currently working on detailing the guidelines. Cuomo hopes to speed up the process by giving parents access to the map, thus having them push for speedier submissions.

However, there are still details which have yet to laid out i.e. the appeals process for teachers who receive low ratings. In addition, NY is planning on closing 33 under-par schools for renovation, giving those schools the opportunity to regain funds and grants.

New York Times