Saturday April 21, 2018

NewsCred Aggregates Hundreds of Newswires into Single API

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Image via CrunchBase

The NY-based startup NewsCred is a new meta wire service that takes licensed content from hundreds of providers with a single API.

About 750 news organizations—including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Economist and Reuters—provide content. For a monthly fee, NewsCred’s clients receive customized bundled content in topics including finance, technology or entertainment. A finance bundle might cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a month. Clients can also create customized news bundles. NewsCred shares its revenue with publishers and offers a sleek analytics package for their content.

Their clients include Orange Telecom, Business Insider, Weather Channel, Zurich Insurance and Condé Nast. After buying bundles from NewsCred, companies don’t need a large editorial team to select content for their site.

Shafqat Islam, NewsCred’s CEO, says the company is focused on technology and is not a news organization. Their own natural language processing technology parses content for topics and keywords.

Islam told Neiman JournalismLab, “The days where you deliver a huge AP wire and there’s a bunch of editors looking at a screen and manually taking articles and publishing them ― I think those days are numbered.”

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