Friday June 22, 2018

Online Food Bank Donates Kosher Items for Passover

Festive Seder table with wine, matza and Seder...

Festive Seder table with wine, matza and Seder plate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Similar to online grocery shopping, The Food Bank for New York City has launched a virtual food drive for the upcoming Jewish holiday Passover. The tool will allow donors to choose which Kosher foods they will give to those in need.

According to Food Bank President and CEO Margarette Purvis, she tells the NY Daily News that, “Tools like the virtual food drive allow us to tell a better story about who is hungry. So many people still believe we are only serving homeless people. No. It’s people with college degrees, people who lost a job. It’s everyday people.”

In addition, its predicted that an online food drive will cause a surge in donations from younger populations.

NY Daily News