Monday July 22, 2019

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Verizon Raises Prices for NY FiOS TV Subscribers

Pace DC757X HDMI HDTV cable box. Features eSAT...

Pace DC757X HDMI HDTV cable box. Features eSATA port for DVR features. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting May 6, all Verizon FiOS customers in NY, North Jersey and Connecticut will see an increase in the rate for their set-top DVR boxes by 6% to $16.99/month. Additionally, April 23 will be the start of the new rate for  standard definition and HD set-top  boxes at $6.99/month, up a dollar from $5.99.

According to Multichannel News, Verizon plans to enhance their existing services by adding more HD channels and new features. In order to accommodate these changes, they claim that they must adjust pricing.

The new DVR rate will also apply to customers on the $12.99/month promotional rate. However, the multiroom DVR service will remain $19.99/month.

Multichannel News