Monday July 15, 2019

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How Does NY’s 3G/4G Speed Measure Up?

Downtown New York

Downtown New York (Photo credit: sreevishnu)

Recently, PCWorld analyzed the wireless services of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile in 13 different cities to determine the efficiency in which these cities are transitioning from 3G networks to 4G. Included in the 13 cities was NY, with findings showed that overall, the networks were performing on-par despite the fact that the amount of users tapping into the network has increased dramatically, and the amount of data required for new devices has also shot up.

In NY, the research revealed that there is a large discrepancy between 3G and 4G download times. More specifically the best 4G download average was through AT&T, with 11.35 mbps (megabytes per second), over 3 times the speed of the best 3G download average, which came from T-Mobile. . In addition, the largest margin on 4G networks between AT&T and Verizon occurred in NY, with Verizon’s average speed of 6.26 mbps. In uploads, however, Verizon did manage a slight lead against AT&T.

The 3G competitive space was much more crowded; only 2.49 mbps seperated first place T-Mobile from last place Sprint. That being said, Sprint also scored its personal highest in all 4 categories – 3G downloads, 3G uploads, 4G downloads, 4G uploads – in NY, suggesting that its network presence in NY is more concentrated than in any of the other tested cities.