Thursday July 19, 2018

New NY Startup Incubator for Female Mobile Entrepreneurs

NY has a new startup incubator program that caters to female entrepreneurs in the mobile industry.

Women Innovate Mobile has a structure similar to the TechStars set-up. It’s three-month program provides mentoring and a $18,000 investment in exchange for a 6% stake in equity. The first round includes four companies—each with a female founder. Two of the startups, Loudly and AppGuppy, hail from Boston.

The founders are three women from different career paths. Kelly Hoey is a lawyer and businesswoman from the Pipeline Fellowship program that trains female philanthropists to be angel investors. Deborah Jackson, of the angel investor group Golden Seeds, is also CEO of JumpThru, a women’s business accelerator group. Veronika Sonsev, founder of Women in Wireless, and CEO and founder of inSparq and former VP of the ad startup Jumptap.

“Accelerator programs are a proven model for helping high-potential tech companies,” Hoey told Xconomy. “We just haven’t seen a rate of participation in those programs by women-founded companies. [Mobile] was another vertical focus in terms of what we were doing to distinguish our program from others.”