Monday June 18, 2018

Spinlister Launches Affordable Peer-to-Peer Bike Sharing

Spinlister, a NY-based startup that specializes in peer-to-peer bike sharing has recently launched in both NY and San Francisco  in partnership with two of countries the biggest bike rental companies, SF’s Blazing Saddles and Bike and Roll. Additionally, individuals listers are able to rent out their bikes; these listings are screened by founders Will Dennis and Jeffrey Noh to ensure quality and confirm that most rentals include locks, helmets, bells and lights.

According to The Next Web, Dennis began Spinlister in a California incubator before finishing school at USC and met Noh, a graduate from UC Berkeley, in the early stages of development. This year, they both moved to NY to prepare the launch of Spinlister. However, bike sharing is nothing new; community bike programs and smart bike programs have been around, but the peer-to-peer model is what makes Spinster so innovative.

Prices are significantly cheaper than most bike rental shops, which charge about $40 per day. Listers are able to choose a price to rent out their rarely used bikes, with prices ranging from $1/day on the lower end and $80/day for the higher quality bikes. The average price stands at around $20/day. Spinster receives 12.5% from both ends of the transaction.

According to The Next Web, Spinlister already has 100s of listers signed up eager to try the service.

The Next Web