Wednesday June 20, 2018

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Tribeca Film Festival Offers Extensive Online Content for 2012 Event

For three years, the Tribeca Film Festival has dabbled into the realm of offering digital content to people unable to attend the live events. The  upcoming 2012 festival is going even further, as audiences will be given access to the streaming of four of the featured film’s from this year, along with five short films, as well as additional live coverage of special events. Individuals will be able to listen to industry leaders talk about the future of film from the comfort of their own home and witness a special Universal Studios 100th Anniversary Celebration with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Judd Apatow.

The only downside is that the films will be shown in limited capacity, with American Express card members having first pick starting, which started yesterday, followed by everyone else on April 16.

The experience will also be very interactive. Viewers will be given the opportunity to cast online votes for their favorite of the four movies. The feature-length film that receives the most votes will get $10,000, and the short film winner recieves $6,000. Additionally, the feature-length and short film which get the most Facebook likes will each be awarded $500. The announcement for the winners of the online voting and Facebook competitions will be made on April 26 and April 30, respectively.

There will also be 9 other short films available online courtesy of “Focus Forward – Short Films, Big ideas,” a collaboration between GE and CINELAN. The first five were made available online earlier this week, while the remaining four will be released on April 25.

The festival will run from April 18-29 at its usual lower Manhattan location.

For more information on the films that will be featured, as well as the online coverage of events, follow the link below.

Tribeca Film Festival