Thursday June 21, 2018

Tribeca Film Festivals Honors Digital Distrupters

What do Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Justin Bieber, oncologist Steven A. Curley, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman  and DARPA’s Hummingbird have in common? They will be honored at the Third Annual Tribeca Disrupter Innovation Awards at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The upcoming TFF features more than just films.  In addition to the Disrupter Awards, the festival (held from April 18 – 29) also includes an Interactive Day. The Tribeca Film Institute is bringing together leaders from education, media, technology, nonprofits and gaming to discuss the constantly changing landscape of storytelling and production techniques. The all-day conference explores the future of digital age entertainment through multiple platforms; including a look at the production of HBO’s Game of Thrones, interactive literacy, the future of news and an examination of the everyday information diet.

On April 27, the TFF presents the Disrupter Innovation Awards in conjunction with Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen and the Disruptor Foundation. The awards go to non-traditional thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovation activists.

“Since its inception, Tribeca has been a living laboratory for disruptive innovation, where technology, business, culture and storytelling collide,” TFF co-founder Craig Hatkoff said in a statement. “This event, expanded for 2012, intends to shed light on the chaos of rapidly changing technologies and business models. We are beginning to see how identity-based goods, services and experiences create a powerful, yet predictable, array of resistances that change the dynamics of disruptive innovations.”

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