Wednesday June 20, 2018

Tweets Used to Measure Crowd Flow in NY

Movement in Manhattan by Jeff Clark, Neoformix

Jeff Clark from Neoformix, a web blog focusing on Clark’s data mining projects, statistical analysis, and visualization, posted a study which uses tweets to show people’s movement in Manhattan.

For his study, Clark used the area between Houston and 72 street and broke up the data in five hour portions throughout the day.  Movement is shown through particles which represent tweets sent by the same person within a four hour time period as a sample of speed and direction.  The particles start out blue, then fade into purple and red to show direction.  Short traces are signified by blue dots, and the more red, the greater the speed.

Data, collected with the Twitter4J library, included a sample of 34,000 ‘geolocated’ tweets and 9,600 path segments.