Tuesday May 21, 2019

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NY Seeks to Thwart Elevator, Boiler Cyberattacks


elevator (Photo credit: Jose R. Borras)

If an unauthorized person were to gain access to the central server controlling NY’s elevators and boiler systems, the potential for casualty would be enormous. Access to the network allows a user to set speeds at which elevators operate, and raise heat on municipal boiler systems, causing explosion.

After random testing on the various servers in the city, several holes were found in the network. As a result, New York City Housing Authority has opened the floor to proposals for a viable defense infrastructure, accepting deliverables only this month. Hence, according to Network World, the city agency has employed the company neuroFuzzto work on a solution, with chief technology officer Andres Andreu at the helm.

The ideal system would track traffic into the network and detect suspicious activity based on authorization and whether the commands are in line with established safety protocols. The final decision will be made with the balance of financial feasibility and effectiveness in mind.

Network World