Thursday April 19, 2018

Cultural Apps Fill Empty Void for Local Arts Enthusiasts in NY

English: Ballet.

English: Ballet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While there is no category for arts or culture in Apple’s App Store, several NY-based apps quench a need for followers of their favorite performers and cultural events to have easier access to information on upcoming events.

Recently the American Ballet Theatre launched its iOS app and according to The Wall Street Journal, its loyal audience of the can see the entire season’s casting on the app complete with head shots and bios.

As for the music scene, the NY Jazz app gives jazz fans a tool to scan shows, artists and venues.  While engaged with the app, users will find links to the musicians’ website.  Competitor NYC Jazz shows a map of 30 clubs, and creator B.J. Jansen hopes that musicians will contribute to the app map.  He said to the Journal that, “I’ve been trying to cultivate the relationships with the clubs. But it’s a new idea.  Anyone who has a show in New York City can post their own stuff.”

The Museum of Modern Art also has a general app containing a floor plan and glossary of the space.

The Wall Street Journal