Thursday June 21, 2018

A Look at the AP’s Use of Social Media Platforms

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Image via CrunchBase

According to Digiday, The Associated Press uses social media by two methods: gathering and disseminating information.  Eric Carvin, social media editor at the AP and based out of the ‘Nerve Center’, a central news desk in NY which handles everything, said, “part of what we’re doing is sharing content in a curated way.”  And there is a different method to using each social network.

For the 100 AP Twitter accounts, Carvin said to Digiday that, “when big news breaks, it’s one of the first tools we turn to see if people are on the ground there, to get right to — and looking for — expert sources.”  He and his team create individual strategies for each Twitter account.

To engage their audience, crowd-sourcing and overall communication, the AP uses five to six Facebook accounts.  Carvin noted that for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the AP received dozens of responses for a crowd-sourcing campaign and decided to put out the interesting content as two stories across the wire.

Carvin said to Digiday that, “when something big happens, even though we won’t break news on Twitter, you’ll probably hear it from an AP tweet first because we move quickly.”