Monday July 15, 2019

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New Program from 360i Looks to Match Startups with Brands


360i (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NY digital marketing agency 360i is heightening its role in startup and brand matchmaking. According to Digiday, the agency is creating a program called Startup Outlook that will evaluate five new startups a mont, and produce a comprehensive overview of each venture to clients. This software is anticipated to help streamline the pairing of startups and brands.

David Berkowitz, VP of emerging media for 360i, told Digiday, “now what we’re trying to do is figure out how to package this information in a way that benefits our clients and hopefully the rest of the industry.” According to Digiday the report will evaluate “factors such as their value for marketers, prominence, applicability, and ingenuity.”

The monthly reports will be supplemented by quarterly events in NY that join together start ups, brands, and other agencies. The first event is scheduled for June, with a top NBC exec in attendance.

360i’s parent company, Dentsu, may have the opportunity to invest in some of the companies that get evaluated, but 360i has maintained that its goal is to focus mainly on client work.