Wednesday May 23, 2018

NY Poised to Overtake Silicon Valley as Top Tech Mecca in the Next 30 Years, Says Muchnick

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With tech funding at an all time high, there’s increased buzz about whether NY can displace Silicon Valley as the tech mecca. While the East Coast may never rival California in technology hardware manufacturing, Avi Muchnick, CEO of Aviary, thinks the city could become the number one technology hub within the next three decades.

Muchnick, whose startup creates photo-editing tools for apps, told Forbes that since the city has comparatively fewer tech firms, companies’ chances for exposure are better. Capital is just as accessible here as on the West Coast. And since there are fewer potential recruits, getting a job is easier and salaries could become even more competitive.

One of the biggest selling points is the city itself. Recruits get excited about the prospects of moving here. Russell D’Souza, cofounder of SeatGeek, agreed.  He told Forbes, “No one wants to move to Kansas City.”


  • What an embarrassing piece. New York is nowhere near poised to overtake Silicon Valley and articles like this make us look desparate. This odd one-sided competition(I say one-sided because people in the valley dont even know we exist) invented by Bloomberg to try and paint NY as SVs rival, is laughable. At best.

    • realposter

      I guess you missed the part where it says “in the next 30 years”.

  • I think it’s possible. NYC is arguably the most desirable city on earth for young, educated people, and has many natural competitive advantages over places like Menlo Park. Young people want to be in urban centers, not suburban sprawl, and there’s no greater urban center than NYC.