Thursday April 26, 2018

Social Oriented Fab.com Rolls Out Fab 3.0

This week, NY-based Fab.com, a daily deals site focused on design-oriented sales, launched a redesigned Fab 3.0 site.  The revamped site offers new social shopping features, Facebook integration and a filter for products.

Individual items show the number of shares and prices on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  To date, 4.25 million consumers have logged onto Fab.com’s free online storefront since its release in June 2011.

Jason Goldberg, co-founder of the site, says to Mashable, “about 5% of Fab’s member visits result in purchases, so having a member engage with Fab’s live feed makes them 3 times likelier to make a purchase.”

Fab.com also features an ‘Inspiration Wall’ where people can upload their designs from desktops, Instagram and Google.