Thursday April 19, 2018

WalkaboutNYC Gives a Look into the Office Spaces of Startups

Image representing Harvest as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Late last week during the end of Internet Week NY, WalkaboutNYC gave some 1,800 people the opportunity to visit the offices of various startups around the city,  including companies like Tumblr and OMGPOP. According to Metrofocus, the idea for WalkaboutNYC was started by Danny Wen and Shawn Liu co-founders of Harvest, a company that assists workers with time management and invoices.

The walk started at Harvest’s office space in SoHo and then traveled to Tumblr and OMGPOP office spaces. Metrofocus reported that there has been a preference of tech companies to choose Class B and C spaces in housing, lower-cost, industrial properties that have been converted into lofts. However, the availability of these spaces is declining due to an increase in demand for residential space in Manhattan. This has led companies like OMGPOP to create unique spaces for their employees.

At the Tumblr office, the conference rooms have couches and a big screen TV. At OMGPOP, all of the meeting rooms are named after characters from the HBO show, The Wire. CEO of OMGPOP, Dan Porter, told Metrofocus that to keep employees happy it is important to have a nice space, “They have to imagine working in that space every day. It’s hard to imagine yourself going to the heinous cube with bad lighting and a dirty carpet every day.