Friday April 20, 2018

Gaming Start Up Plyfe Makes a Name For Itself

NYers Jelani Roy and Mateen Aini launched gaming startup Plyfe launched in March of this year, and it is growing fast. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the startup creates a variety of games that award players with cool prizes, like trips and gadgets. The games are created for specific brands.

Roy got his start working sports-law practice, but immediately jumped on the opportunity to work for a gaming startup. He told Bloomberg Businessweek that, ““I’m dealing with technology. I have to know what we’re doing, and how to explain it for the brand. It’s creative. I help the brand make the game.” At its launch, the company had $1 million in seed money, but since then,  it has grown from seven to seventeen employees and works with over ten brands including Disney and Live Nation.

Roy told Bloomberg Businessweek that within the year Plyfe aims to reach 1 million and expand to over 100 brands.

Bloomberg Businessweek