Monday July 15, 2019

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#IWNY – Three Trends and Takeaways

Following the end of last month’s Internet Week NYSimon Dolsten, a contributor at Business2Community detailed the trends and takeaways from the week’s activities.  Some of them include:

1. Proximity Based Social Media- This is a new concept that connects social media users to nearby locations based on personal preferences. Many in the start up sector are being attracted to the potential of this technology. Apps that have already caught on to this Proximity Based Social Media include Foursquare and Sonar. But some have realized challenges that come along with this development, such as being able to properly filter location information based on the individual’s preferences.

2. Tablet Tailored Journalism- Online news aggregators combine important data across the web and share it effectively with users, but many still struggle with a profitable business structure. However, The Daily iPad app is setting out to combine traditional news content with the experience of the web, all while keeping users dedicated and engaged. The Newsstand 2.0 panel  discussed the future of journalism and featured Jesse Angelo, the editor of The Daily. His argument is that users will pay for quality content, and they seem to have proved it, as The Daily has over 100,000 paying subscribers

3. Authentic Brand Connections Sell- In order to maintain long term connections with users, Dolsten stresses the presentation of an authentic brand. Vice Magazine founder, Shane Smith, hosted a  presentation about Media Disconnect and how Vice re-imagined their brand to better fit reality, without losing the voice of their magazine.


(Editors Note- for some reason, the article refers to the festival as New York Internet Week)