Wednesday June 20, 2018

NYU’s Evan Korth Talks STEM and Moore’s Law

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Evan Korth says the lack of STEM education puts the U.S. at risk. Korth, New York University’s Faculty Liaison for Technology and Entrepreneurship, co-founder of HackNY, and board member of NY Tech Meetup, is bringing his passion for teaching technology to new venues. He founded Girls who Code, an organization that teaches junior high girls in underserved communities how to code. Korth is also on the advisory board for the Academy for Software Engineering, the first NYC public school of its kind.

In a recent interview with NYU, he also believe’s that Moore’s Law, which has normally been applied to the tech hardware industry, is now being applied to things like the Human Genome Project. As Korth explains, “The first genome that we mapped cost over a billion dollars. Now you could do it for about a thousand dollars. Ten years from now it’ll be ten dollars. We’re going to see Moore’s Law applied to many other technologies. The next ten years is going to be a wild ride.”

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