Thursday August 24, 2017

NY Transportation Apps Thrive in World of Data Availability

English: This is a picture showing all MTA ser...

English: This is a picture showing all MTA services, including the entrance to the RFK Bridge from Manhattan. Русский: Все виды транспорта MTA (а также въезд на мост Кеннеди из Манхэттена). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mobile app developers are making an effort to keep up with NY’s ever-changing transportation system. According to Crain’s New York Business, when Jonathan Wegener’s Exit Strategy NYC App was released in 2009, there were only three other subway apps available to users. Now, there are 56 iPhone apps, 24 Android apps. and seven Blackberry apps for all modes of transportation. In the last few years, the MTA has released data for software developers- the MTA website now provides developers with free data. Wegner told Crain’s that, ““They’ve seen the light.”

This increase in data availability has allowed for the development of other apps, like Roadify, which uses the MTA data along with Twitter and user’s comments to provide real-time information on subways, buses, trains, etc. Though this data availability has been a positive, others think there is still not enough information available, and that the transportation-app world is being stunted.

The MTA has announced that all of the GPS bus data will be available by the end of 2013, and that it continues to work on releasing similar information for thew subway system. Another issue with the transportation apps is the lack of WiFi or cell reception on the subway platforms. The MTA also addressed this, stating that they plan to have reception in all stations by 2016.

Crain’s New York Business