Tuesday July 16, 2019

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World IPv6 Day Celebrated by Big Tech Companies and Internet Providers

Yesterday. technology companies in NY and around the world celebrated World IPv6 Day to commemorate the movement of big tech companies and Internet providers to a new system for getting on the web. The New York Times conducted an interview with Owen DeLong of Hurricane Electric, an Internet services company. Here’s how DeLong broke down the basics of IPv6 day:

  • IPv6 is a new protocol for Internet addresses that has a much bigger address field than the old protocol (IPv4). To be exact, IPv6’s address field is about 3.4 x 1038 versus IPv4’s measly 3.2 billion. This is important because it allows the Internet to continue to grow and develop new features. Without a new protocol, this wouldn’t be possible in the long run
  • Up until now, a method called Network Address Translation has been used to allow for sharing of addresses in IPv4, but we are now running out of the ability to share. Running out of addresses degrades performance in terms of speed and applications. This will not cost more unless it is necessary to purchase a hardware upgrade
  • Test if you are on IPv6 by visiting IPv6 test sites.
  • Internet service providers on board include: Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. This means these companies have committed to having at least 1% of subscribers with IPv6 access today.
  • The sooner you switch over, the better. Asia, Australia and some island nations have already run out of addresses.

The New York Times