Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Does Tech Need to be Made in the U.S.A.? #4thofJuly

In light of today’s Fourth of July holiday, CNET featured a story on the current state of the US tech manufacturing sector. Asia was reported as having a hold on the cell phone and gadget markets, but there have been recent signs of domestic manufacturing. Google designed and built its Nexus Q streaming media player in America, and although this does not signify a sweeping  increase in tech manufacturing, it is a good sign that there has been movement in the US sector. Additionally, the Obama administration has been pushing for more US- made high tech materials. Apple has also voiced a desire to make products in the US, but doesn’t consider this to be feasible due to prices.

CNET asked its readers how important it is to them to seek out the “Made in U.S. Label” on tech products. The results concluded that a majority, 35%, of readers would be willing to pay a small premium for U.S.-made electronics, and 23% of readers saying they actively seek out US made tech products. Coming in third at 20% was the, “I will buy U.S. made if it’s convenient and coast-effective” answer. After that, users either answered that they didn’t think about it or that they sought out products made outside of the U.S.