Monday July 22, 2019

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NJ Cablevision Customers Now Required to Get Digital Boxes for All TVs

Cablevision will now require its NJ customers to get a cable box if they want access to the iO TV service. Currently, the monthly rental fee for a cable box and remote is $6.95, but Cablevision will now offer the equipment for free for one or two years for TVs without boxes. According to APP.com, this transistion period, which already took place in NY and Connecticut, will last through early October for NJ residents. Up until this point, Cablevision had offered customers without a box some channels and basic television.

Gerri Basile, Keyport resident and Cablevision customer, told APP.com that she was not looking forward to the change, and that, “I have certain TVs that even putting that little box (there) is really not convenient for me. Now that they’re forcing me they actually now… have pushed me to go to Verizon FiOS.” Basile said that she originally chose Cablevision because it did not require her to get a box on every set, but in light of the change she is switching to Verizon, even though it requires a converter box as well.

Cablevision made the all-digital conversion so that the company can offer more content, more hi-def programs, and interactive services. Over the past few years, Cablevision has gotten rid of various analog cables that took up more space on its network and were also available in digital format. The new changes will also make basic broadcast channels, from 2 to thirteen, only available in digital. Comcast completed its similar transition in 2011.