Friday June 22, 2018

NJ Tech Companies Having Difficulty Finding Talent

Virtual-patient training technology at the Mit...

Virtual-patient training technology at the Mitchells Plain lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A survey by the NJ Technology Council concluded that tech companies in NJ are struggling to find applicants with needed qualifications for many positions. According to NorthJersey.com, The council represents more than 1,000 tech companies around the state, and the survey they published concluded that the biggest employment-related obstacle (22%) is lack of company resources for IT and tech training. Next, coming in at 20%, was finding qualified talent, and 6% said tech grads lack skills needed for on the job training.

George Nikanorov, head of marketing for Data Inc. in Montvale, stated that his company normally uses a recruitment team and a database to find employees with one or two years of experience, instead of hiring recent grads. Data Inc. has 600 to 800 employees worldwide,  and works mostly with financial services firms, which requires a lot of technical experience. Nikanorov says that developers of all kinds are in highest demand for them.