Friday May 25, 2018

NY Internet Companies Announce Beta Launch of Three Frequent Travel Sites

Plane taking off

Plane taking off (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NY internet companies, Think Placement and First Quest SEO Marketing have recently announced the beta launch of three frequent travel websites. These sites were created in order to improve frequent travelers experiences finding trip information and rewards programs, according to Virtual Strategy.

Modesto Chinosi, President of Think Placement says, “Times are still tough and the economy is still recovering. We believe that the websites will be an invaluable resource for people looking to save money and earn valuable points, free parking days, free airline tickets and hotel stays, etc.”

The companies goals for the three websites is to link to all companies that offer rewards programs, but also to motivate these companies to offer better programs for customers, so that they will keep using their service.

The three sites that are in beta launch are: