Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Has Wall Street Soured on Blackberries?

Image representing Research In Motion as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

Though the Blackberry device was once the must have mobile phone of Wall Street executives, it seems that its standing might be in jeopardy, as RIM is delaying the release of Blackberry 10, which is expected to push the once powerful company even further from the top. The launch is expected to be delayed until 2013 and according to Wall Street and Tech, the company also announced 5,000 job cuts from a workforce of 16,500.

As Wall Street and Tech’s Melanie Rodier writes, “The company failed to act on the trend of smartphones evolving from phones and simple emailing devices to pocket-sized computers that are full of enticing apps, games, good cameras and seamless Internet browsing.” She also noted that RIM’s downfall was partially due to an extreme focus on security, something which the company originally prided itself on.

The result has left companies choosing Android and iPhone options over Blackberry in the workplace.

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