Friday May 25, 2018

Business Incubator Coming To Harlem

English: Manhattan Borough President Scott Str...

English: Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer speaking at a “Cheesehead” rally (in support of Wisconsin public sector workers). The rally was held at New York’s City Hall and attended by local union members and their supporters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering, in Harlem, is launching a business incubator for student and faculty entrepreneurs, thanks to a $1 million grant from philanthropist Irwin Zahn. The Zahn Center, including a fabrication laboratory funded by a $440,000 grant from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office, will open in mid-September.

The Center will provide equipment, financial resources, incentives and engineering and business guidance . The goal of the center is to have students build prototypes and products and then learn how to market them. The center will also provide resources to local Harlem small business owners who are developing and marketing their own products.