Sunday May 20, 2018

NY Startups Struggling to Find Tech Talent

New York City Color

New York City Color (Photo credit: Randy Le’Moine Photography)

According to the NY Daily News, owners of small to medium sized companies are complaining about the ever growing talent gap in the tech field. Juan Pable Buritica, 28-year-old engineer, accepted a position at NY-based tech startup Onswipe in February, but still receives about three job solicitations a week. The starting salaries average at about $130,000, and go up from there. However, this type of opportunity is not common in NY’s current economy. The NY unemployment rate hit 10% in June, the highest since the bottom of the recession three years ago.

Google and Facebook, major companies in the NY area, are sweeping up job candidates, which is forcing smaller companies to hike up their salaries and perks. There are also strict immigration laws that limit global hiring opportunities.  Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO of Blue Fountain Media, told the NY Daily News that, “I get so frustrated. I hear people say the job market is bad. I say, ‘Really? I have the opposite problem.'” The city’s tech sector employment is up 30% since 2005, according to the NYCEDC.

The engineers most in demand are those who specialize in mobile technology. Starting salaries for most web designers are about $65,000, even those without college degrees. More advanced techies can reign in about $100,000.

NY Daily News

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