Friday June 22, 2018

Roosevelt Island Campus, New Tech Hub

The signs that read “Roosevelt Island: A Fresh Look at the Big Apple,” will soon be true for the area, which is expecting a new complex of buildings meant to make a statement about 21st-century urban design and help transform NY into a lasting 21st-century economic presence. The graduate school, CornellNYC Tech, which is a cooperative venture between City Hall, Cornell University, and the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa is expected to help the Big Apple cement its place in the tech sector and assist in city Hall’s “plan for digital conquest,” according to the Daily Beast. 

To complete the project, NY will provide land and about $100 million in funding, in addition to a $350 million donation made by Chuck Feeny, Cornell alumnus and duty-free magnate. The project is being taken on by Thom Mayne, LA-based architect, who also created the Cooper Union building in the East Village. Until the building is complete, students at CornellNYC Tech will be studying in Google’s Chelsea location that cost them $2 billion.

Mayor Bloomberg is ecstatic about the new campus, and told The Daily Beast that, “If intellectual capital is what you need, New York City is where you want to be.” The plans for NYC’s tech future were begun by Deputy Mayor Robert Steel and Seth Pinsky, head of the NYC Economic Development Corp.

The Daily Beast