Sunday July 21, 2019

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NYU Entrepreneur Challenge Winners Split $200,000

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The NYU Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NYU has held the Entrepreneurs Challenge, a marathon competition for students, faculty and alums, for over a dozen years. The awards go to the three best startup ideas and has a total of $200,000 for award money. The challenge has had contestants like Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Dodgeball and Foursquare, and Ben Silberman, co-founder of Pinterest. The contest is put together by NYU Stern’s Berkely Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and involved over 175 teams that compete for eight months. The final cut is determined by a panel of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes, this year’s winners were five groups of students narrowed down from 12 finalists. Sleepbot, an app that helps manage sleep time, and Noor Pharmaceuticals, which develops and sells halal vitamins and supplements, split $75,000 in the  new venture category. The $50,000 prize for the social venture category went to Nutraceutical Market Solutions, a startup that aims to treat anemia in India with iron-fortified biscuits. RF Test Labs, which measures heat given off by mobile devices, and SeeMore Technology, which uses eye-tracking software to allow users to read text faster on e-readers and smartphones, split the $75,000 prize for for technology ­ventures.

Next year’s Entrepreneurs Challenge will be teaming up with Forbes to document the contest, which begins on September 30 and ends May 3.