Friday April 20, 2018

Schumer Proposes “Nerd Bus Route”

English: Charles Schumer, United States Senato...

English: Charles Schumer, United States Senator from New York Español: Charles Schumer, Senador de los Estados Unidos de Nueva York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, Senator Chuck Schumer requested that the MTA implement a bus system that connects Cornell NYC’s tech campus to the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Recently, the MTA announced two new routes: the Brooklyn Tech Triangle route and the Williamsburg Waterfront route. The routes were created to help commuters in the area’s growing tech hub. The exact specifications of Schumer’s proposal insisted that the connection of these two lines was necessary, and that they should be extended further North to Long Island City and Roosevelt Island. The proposal is being referred to as the “Nerd Bus,” and is meant to bolster the tech boom in NY and help support the people in Downtown Brooklyn and the new Cornell tech campus.  The plan also intends to create a “tech highway” for students, innovators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and local residents.

According to a press release from the Senator’s office, Schumer said, “You don’t need a PhD to know that connecting these neighborhoods through a ‘Nerd Bus’ is a no-brainer. The only thing separating these neighborhoods in New York City is a lack of transit connections. We need a high-speed rapid transit connection between Roosevelt Island and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, with stops at new hubs like Long Island City and the Navy Yard, and residential areas in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.”  Schumer also proposed that the MTA should make a temporary stop on the route at Cornell tech’s current location at Google‘s headquarters.


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